Rot, Art, Nightmares and Becoming one with the Earth

image     “From my rotting body flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.” -Edvard Munch

One of my favorite artists, Edvard Munch was tormented as a child by the early death of his mother and favorite sister. His father became pious after this passed and often displayed bouts of madness and horror to his remaining children. Edvard’s health in decline, his oppressive father and constant ghost stories paved the way for his nightmarish and macabre visions in his work. He has said to feel death coming for him. His work was meant to create tension and emotion with the artistic lines and strive toward expression of the soul. Edvard had only his art as those who were close to him continued to pass on. He was alone and left with the inheritance of insanity and poverty. The quote above makes me think about what happens to us when we pass. We leave behind family, friends and a legacy but can we continue to have an impact beyond memories? An alternative to burial, cremation or funeral pires helps us to become something else, maybe even have another life. Enter Bios Urn.. For those of you wanting to give back and not impact, what an amazing way to become part of the earth in ways that you can leave a legacy.